The process of creating logo

Most people think that creating a logo is equivalent to performing a simple "image for the company". Low awareness of the range of its own brand identity translates into poor visibility of the company in the market and often helps to create an unfavorable image, which ultimately discourages potential customers. Once you decide on a logo you need to think about the overall corporate identity. This is not just a picture in jpg, logo is prepared in view of the different levels of use (printing, internet), is performed in several versions: extended, simplified, grayscale, black and white, in counterpoint (which is not associated with a simple color change to black and white, but the fit again following shades). Preparing a good logo associated with making multiple sketches, but not only, is also a brilliant idea, which is to be concluded into company idea.

The whole process of creation begins with a sketch on paper, then appear first ideas. The next step is to make the first characters in a computer program (based on drawings). These are just the initial draft, which is far from complete logo. Some people finish at this stage to perform logo, which is a big mistake. At this point the customer choose one character, on which we will continue working. At the stage of refine logo all kinds of variations of the mark are created, consult with the client further proposals until we both agree that together we selected the best. After reaching this stage I choose an appropriate typeface logo, the logo is almost ready to get down to the nuances of color, here are very helpful test prints.
After completing the logo the client receives from me also book of standards, including standards for use of the logo, information about its composition, the typeface used, the area of ​​protection, company colors for RGB and CMYK. It is very important at the stage of printing materials, printing, because color of the printed logo should match with the design seen on the computer screen. Only after the entire process described above is formed ready, well thought out and coherent corporate identity. Extended order includes additional performance consistent printing materials such as business cards and letterhead and graphic design website.
Food Nation
Logo design for catering company.
Royal Youth
Logo design for underwear production company.
FJ Box
Design a logo for the shop which sales boxes with jewelry, as part of the project was also made a photo session of jewelry with the participation of model.
Akademia Talentów
A logo for kindergarten. The idea behind the design of the sign was the combination of symbols of knowledge and development and carefree childhood.
Wroclaw center
of care and upbringing

Designing the visual identity of Wroclaw Centre for Care and Upbringing. As part of the project was also made ​​website, business cards, letterhead and envelopes projects.
Warsaw dog
Implementation of the logo for warsaw dog company.
Shebbi coffee
Designing a logo for a small manufactory of coffee. Customer wish was to create a monogram, which would be associated with the coffee trade.
Trädgårds honung
Design a logo for the Swedish company involved in the production of honey.
Safe Mobi
Implementation of the logo for smartphones application. The theme of the application is safe driving.
Pro Art Detailing
Implementation of the logo for customers dealing with complex cleaning, renovation and maintenance of vehicles.
"Pod Tytułem" Publishing house
Implementation of the logo for the publishing house, along with a book mark. As part of the order was also made ​​business cards.
Villa Academica
Design logo along with a book mark for villa. As part of the order have been made also business cards, letterhead, envelopes and invitations.
UC Project
Design the logo in color and also in black and white, and the preparation of business cards for IT firm.